The Hole-y Grail draws a satiric analogy between the well-known Arthurian relic and modern day theories of trickle-down economics. Like the legendary cup, these concepts have been enshrined in an aura of unassailable holiness, promising wellbeing for all, but like the chalice, this promise may be no more than an elusive pipe dream. A strong economy may benefit all tiers of human existence but what hidden or unhidden mechanisms control the wealth distribution? 
The installation consists of a large glass goblet with a central bore drilled down the length of the stem. The cup is filled with colored water. A custom valve, engraved with the inscription “In God We Trust” (the official motto printed on United States currency) controls the liquid’s flow rate out of the cup’s base. The liquid drips out at varying rates modulated by the control valve, makes its way along shallow depressions on the top of the pedestal and eventually trickles down the length of the column in thin streams. The liquid is collected in a hidden receptacle at the base of the pedestal.
© 2015 Constantine Zlatev

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